Coinbase closes headquarters in San Francisco


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The crypto exchange Coinbase closes its doors in San Francisco. The company announced this via Twitter. Thus, the group joins other crypto companies such as Binance, which do without a permanent headquarters.

Focus on Remote Work

“We are committed to not operating a headquarters and it is important to show our decentralized workforce that no location is more important than another,” Coinbase said in the statement. From now on, the employees of the stock exchange should primarily be employed remotely and thus work from the home office.

Investors of the Coinbase share are likely to hope that the decision will also have a positive impact on the balance sheets. The first quarterly results of the year are due to be published next Thursday and observers agree that the crypto company will hardly be able to hold on to its own profit forecasts due to strong competition.

Coinbase share struggles

Only yesterday, Wednesday, the security reached a new low at $ 269. Shareholders should therefore hope for an unexpectedly good performance. However, it remains unclear whether further growth potential will be possible. Due to the current market situation, investors are not advised to invest in the Coinbase share. The risk factors are simply currently hardly conceivable.

Other crypto shares could serve as an alternative. With the right momentum strategy, you could benefit from the current NFT hype and the increasing importance of Ethereum’s blockchain.