GameStop (GME) wants to create its own NFT marketplace


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Game retailer GameStop is developing a non-fungible token (NFT) platform and is currently assembling a team for it.

GameStop wants to enter the NFT (non-fungible token) market and is currently hiring designers who could contribute to this endeavor. This information comes from the company’s website, where GameStop dedicates a dedicated page to NFT development.

The company said: „We put together a team. We are looking for talented engineers (Solidity, React, Python), designers, gamers, marketers and community leaders. Would you like to become part of our team? Then send us your profile or one of your developments to: [email protected]

The scope of the project is not yet known. However, GameStop listed a link to an Ethereum address on the page, which could mean that the NFT platform will be developed on the Ethereum blockchain.

The NFT market has attracted a lot of attention in recent months. NFTs have taken hold in numerous fields, including sports, music, film, and the arts Well-known personalities such as The Weeknd, Eminem, Tom Brady, and LeBron James have all launched their own NFTs. Sports institutions such as Major League Soccer, Manchester City, the NFL and the NBA have also released their NFT collections.

GameStop’s smart contract code says „Game on Anon“and there are links to the company’s NFT page in it. The Code suggests that GameStop could develop its own Token, GME, for the NFT platform.

The company does not specify the target audience, but an animation with the text appears on the website „Power to the players. Power to the creators. Power to the collectors.”(Power to players, developers and collectors).

GameStop gained more notoriety a few months ago when retail investors on Reddit and other social media platforms drove the stock price up. This caused some broker platforms such as Robinhood to suspend the sale of the stock.