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NATOVERSE’s native NATO token is the main token obtained by default from Treasure Boxes. The token is so crucial to the metaverse of the game that it must be allocated fairly in order for the economy to function as planned.

No Whales On Sales Policy

The phrase “No Whales On Sales” solely applies to the Pre-Seed and Seed sales.

The first distribution of tokens must be equitable and in the best interests of the community; otherwise, whales would dominate the token’s development and prevent it from following its natural course.

What is a fair distribution?

The first round is often for whitelisted investors who get the tokens early at a friendly price. The second round allows the public to buy at a higher price than the first round.

Hence, they are never fair. In the case of fair launching, everyone accesses tokens at the same price.

Why does fair distribution matter?

Every game economy requires some initial regulation. If a small number of whales get their hands on large sums of NATO tokens right away, preventing other individuals from participating in purchases, the economy won’t run smoothly. Besides the economy being in the hands of a few, it also affects everyone else, as they are at a disadvantage and feel unfairly treated from the beginning.

What will NATOVERSE do to ensure fair distribution?

Nato is designed to ensure a game that is open, transparent and well governed by the community itself. Here we are outlining the design by which the NATO community will govern the protocol. We are not just creating the game, but also a code for the decentralized autonomous Organization called the NATO council.

NATO council – Elections

To elect any council members, $NATO holders will have the ability to nominate individuals for council seats. Candidates shall be proposed before the election day, followed by a 48 hours period where the 4 individuals best suited for the positions of governing the platform, will be elected.

Voting and rules of governance will be implemented on Binance Smart Chain network, open for anyone to view and comment. The DAO interface will be a web application as an extension to the NATOVERSE website with the voting functionality


NATOVERSE is a planet in the metaverse, where you can compete in various gaming challenges to earn treasure boxes, filled with NATO tokens and crypto coins, namely, BTC, ETH, and LTC, among others. It branches out into Natorace and Natocombat.

Natorace is a car racing blockchain game, a part of NATOVERSE where players engage in different races with other players to win Treasure boxes. After acquiring a vehicle, players have the option to race with fellow NATOVERSE players and win prizes depending on the place they come in. To participate in a race, besides having a vehicle, players have to have enough gas in their tank for the race. The race can have from 5 to 20 competitors, and the bigger the number of players racing, the better the rewards are.

Natocombat is a decentralized protocol representing a new ‘combat blockchain based age’ in gaming and it’s on this basis that the project has been engineered from its inception to support its sustainability in the long run. Players have to acquire treasure boxes, which are guarded by army soldiers, deadly beasts, and lethal robots. You have to go through these enemies, or sneak by them, to obtain the treasure boxes. On successfully escaping with the treasure box, the player is rewarded with any tokens they find in the box.

Besides the different game modes, NATO offers other experiences just like in the real world. Want to go to the cinema? You can. Want to go boxing? You can. Visit a casino, the beach, or go skydiving. It is all possible thanks to NATOVERSE’s expansive multiverse that has seemingly no end to it.

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