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The index provider expands its digital market indices, Lukka provides the price data

The leading index provider S&P Dow Jones Indices (S & amp; P DJI) announced yesterday that it is expanding its Digital Market Indices with a number of indices for cryptocurrencies.

Known for key traditional financial indicators such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500, S & amp; P DJI is the largest provider of index-based data, concepts and research. Its indices are used in asset investment more than any other.

The new indices complement the digital asset benchmarks recently introduced as the S&P Digital Market Indices. The existing benchmarks are the S&P Bitcoin Index, the S&P Ethereum Index and the S & amp; P Cryptocurrency MegaCap Index, which tracks the performance of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Yesterday, among other things, the S&P Broad Digital Market (BDM) index was added, which reflects a broad crypto market by tracking the performance of listed digital assets that meet minimum liquidity and market capitalization requirements.

Also yesterday, four subgroups of the BDM were introduced, namely the S&P Cryptocurrency LargeCap Index, which measures the performance of the cryptos with the largest market capitalization, the S&P Cryptocurrency BDM Ex-LargeCap Index, which excludes coins in the LargeCap Index, the S&P Cryptocurrency BDM Ex-MegaCap Index, which excludes Bitcoin and Ethereum, and the S&P Coins in the LargeCap index except Bitcoin and Ethereum exists.

The price data for the crypto indices is provided by blockchain-native technology company Lukka through its aggregated data services such as Lukka Prime, the first crypto asset pricing method focused on market value.

This news highlights the growth of the crypto market and the growing need for transparent benchmarking. Crypto assets should become more accessible and easier to value for investors with the introduction of the Digital Market Indices.

Peter Roffman, Global Head of Innovation and Strategy at S&P DJI, commented: “For more than a century, our indices have provided insights into the evolution of markets. With the introduction of the S&P Cryptocurrency Broad Digital Market Index, we now offer it to crypto investors. Expanding the family of digital market indices is one of the most comprehensive snapshots yet of this fast-growing asset class, with the ability to break it down and break it down by market capitalization. We are pleased to bring a significant level of additional transparency to the cryptocurrency market.