US Air Force awards funding to SIMBA Chain


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SIMBA Chain’s solution enables 3D printing of aircraft parts, supported and secured by blockchain technology

The cloud-based smart contract-as-a-service platform SIMBA Chain announced yesterday that it has received funding from the US Air Force Rapid Sustainment Office (AFRSO) for innovative small business research to enable the printing of sophisticated aircraft parts in Phase I.

In cooperation with Steel Modular, Inc. will supply SIMBA Chain AFRSO with mobile, six to twelve-meter-high disposable containers, each containing a plant for 3D production from metal and glass fiber. The containers can be air-conditioned and transported anywhere. Advanced 3D printing allows you to manufacture, test and install spare parts for aircraft and weapons.

The project is part of the goal of the Department of Defense and the US Air Force to switch design processes to digital engineering. All essential information and conversations during the production process are saved on the blockchain. SIMBA Chain could receive a further $ 1 million funding for Phase II if Phase I is successful.

Joel Neidig, Managing Director of SIMBA Chain, explains: “At the heart of this project is enabling and safeguarding the digital supply chain, and this is where SIMBA Chain comes into play. Our blockchain technology ensures data integrity and prevents the manipulation of intellectual property and communication. Sophisticated hackers are a very real threat. Therefore, the global and decentralised use of SIMBA Chain offers an insurmountable barrier to protecting the management of the supply chain.“

The project will reduce the lead time for the production of new parts from months to days, keeping older aircraft operational even when the corresponding spare parts are not available on the market.

The immutability, transparency and verifiability of SIMBA Chain’s blockchain platform makes it ideal for various Ministry of Defence projects and other facilities. To date, the platform has been used by over 4,300 organizations and hosts a total of more than 2,300 applications.

Other use cases for SIMBA Chain’s technology include solar energy tracking, providing an early warning system for the chemical industry supply chain, improving the traceability of alimony payments, and creating better records for the housing market.